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WriteReader WebApp

Research-backed and award-winning learning tool

WriteReader is a scientifically-based learning tool that supports the idea of learning through creation and creative thinking where students in K-3 can learn to read by writing their own digital books.

In half of all schools in Denmark, students are using WriteReader to create book about any subject that they find interesting – toys, animals, holidays, family or fictional stories based on own photos and drawings. Older students can also benefit from using the app when learning English or other languages.

Preschool students can use the written language in an authentic way and meaningful way and experience the joy of creating by sharing their books with other students. These students can read the helper’s writing. The books can be converted to PDF-files and be sent to friends and family via e-mail. Furthermore, the books can be designed in ready-to-print format, making it easy to print and assemble booklets.

Follow these steps to create your own book with WriteReader:

Step 1: Create your Title page: The student will add the title of the book, the student’s name and an image to create the book cover. The student can take a picture with the camera, or add a picture from the photo library.

Step 2: Create the Student and Helper Writing. For each new page, the student will add the student writing and insert an image. Then the helper will write the corrected text below the student’s. Reading the helper’s writing will help the student see the difference between their own writing and the helper’s.

Step 3: Personalize the Book: The student will color the front and back pages of the book and can add callouts to the pictures to make the book more fun and colorful.

Step 4: Publish, Share and Print the Book: When the student is finished creating the book, it can be published to their account. If the student belongs to a class, the book will be published to the Class Library. If the student wants to share the book, he or she can email it to friends and family members or create a PDF booklet that can be printed and taken home.


  • WriteReader requires an Internet connection, and for the best experience, a broadband connection is recommended.
  • WriteReader works in the Chrome browser on Chromebook, MAC and PC.
  • We are working at on support for the Safari browser.
  • Recommended screen resolutions: 1024 x 768  (768 x 1024 portrait mode iPad) and higher.

The Research behind WriteReader app

WriteReader app is being developed by a primary school teacher, tested in collaboration with Danish researchers specializing in reading, literacy and digital learning and supported by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.

The researchers concluded that WriteReader:

  • Motivates and strengthens early literacy acquisition
  • Encourages creativity and cooperation
  • Fosters independence and interest in written language

WriteReader achievements:

  • Bestselling educational app in the Danish App Store
  • Nominated for ”Innovation of the Year” by the Danish Ministry of Education
  • Students have created over 700,000 books
  • Generated more than 1 million student-authored books
  • Winner of international innovation competition in Berlin
  • Selected for Intel accelerator program for edtech startups in the US