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Excellent learning tool
A rather unique outlet for child to use their imagination and create their very own books.

Highly recommended
What I like most is how the app provides parents and children with the opportunity to interact with one another. I would highly recommend it.

Flexibility and built-in success
The app brings to supporting children with Autism in writing, reading, and (this is a biggie) creative expression.

Encourages creativity
I highly recommend this app to any parents who have children who are learning to write and read!

I really like this app and I foresee that we will be using WriteReader very often.

The iMums

Original and useful
The app has features that are very supportive of emerging readers and writers and students with special needs.

On Sarah’s iPad

Easy and intuitive
As it stands though, it’s a really unique and novel idea.

Read It, Daddy

Excellent book creator
The best for children we have seen so far. The possibilities are ‘unlimited’. RATING: 10 out of 10!

iPad Family

Perfect learning tool
My children are ‘Mine Craft’ addicts and this app managed to steal their attention away for several hours

Catching the Magic

Lovely keepsake maker
If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids practising their literary skills in a fun way, this is perfect.

Madhouse Family

App for creativity and imagination
This app is great for beginning and struggling writers.

Tech & Learning

An inventive way to get your kids involved
An inventive way to get your kids involved with creative writing and improving their reading.

Yawn of the Dad

Teaches through creativity
We think it could catch on, especially if teachers get hold of it and think it’s worthwhile.

Apps Playground

Fun, engaging and interactive
Many uses, simple to use and allows you to work side by side with your child or student!

Teachers With Apps

Original and useful
Very supportive of emerging readers, writers, and students with special needs.

The App Ladies

Creative App
Simple and reportedly very efficient app with a high educational value.


Outstanding and engaging
Has many uses and is simple to use even for the youngest user.

Apps, Consulting and Training

Wonderful and unique approach
An awesome app that will give kids a sense of accomplishment.

Autism Plugged In